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June 19, 2013

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Extra $50 in Product Credit
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$300 Club—Are you in?
Word of the Week–
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Sponsoring Superstars
Party Animals
Upcoming Webinars
Dress like it's 1920!

July New Releases are Nearly Here!

Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. - John Maxwell

Hot Topics with Corbin and Jennie

Get a peek at our Project 6 humanitarian trip to Mexico, find out who were last week’s Sponsoring Superstars and get the rest of this week’s news.

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Are you in the $300 PV Club for June yet? 
	   Qualify to get select Fall Collection releases at 40% off by the 30th!

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Word of the Week-in a Miche Minute
  • Send in your suggestion for a Word of the Week to fielddevelopment@miche.com. If we choose your word, you will receive a special Miche gift!

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Sponsoring Superstars

Successful Miche Leaders know that sponsoring and then developing New Representatives can be the key to earning a life-changing income. Each week in the Buzz we are recognizing those of you who are expanding your Teams and therefore your possibilities. Sponsoring Superstar recognition is measured from Monday to Sunday each week. Go for it!

These Miche Representatives each sponsored one new Team member this week. Congratulations!

Adrienne Cotton, WA
Anne Childress, GA
April Cross, FL
Barbara Brink, CA
Betty Zachry, MT
Beverley Perdue, TN
Brandi Romero, LA
C Varlack, FL
Carla Holladay, VA
Cathie Pragano, CT
Christy Lindsey, CA
Davina Carr, NC
Elizabeth Bauman, CA
Gina Larkin, AZ
Hayley Williams, VA
Jayne Meekings, VA
Julene Garcia, TX
Julie Darnell, CA
Karie Wilson, WA
Kathleen Desio, NY
Kelly Friel, NY
Kerri Woolverton, MI
Kim Bingham, IL
Kristine Fishburn, OK
Leslie Stokes, PA
Lisa Brennan, FL
Marie Royce, FL
Martha Diaz, NM
Melissa Weaver, NY
Meredith Poole, GA
Michele Kazerooni, CA
Patricia Vroom, CO
Polly Workinger, IL
Rhoda Hansley, NC
Rhonda Cash, FL
Shelby Fenske, MO
Stephanie Fernandez, CO
Tara Viars, WV
Teresa Flory, CA
Toni Van Valkenburg, WY
Tracey Fitzgerald, IN
Valerie Vance & Philip Dakin, FL

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Miche Top Party Animals

Top Miche Party Animals for this week with 3 Parties

Lori Dickman Are you a Miche Party Animal? Do you fill your calendar every week with Miche, Miche and more Miche events? If so, good for you! You’re taking the one single perfect action step that will help you grow your Miche business. After all, the more Parties you have on a weekly basis, the more potential new customers, Hostesses and Team members you’ll come into contact with.

To get the coveted title of Miche Party Animal for any given week and be recognized here in the Buzz, you need to do at least two Parties from Wednesday of one week to Tuesday of the following week. The Representative who does the most Parties is honored as the Top Miche Party Animal of the Week.

Want to see all our Miche Party Animals for this week?

See the list now

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Upcoming Training Webinars

Earn with Miche Earn with Miche!

Thursday, June 20 at 6 PM Mountain Time

We encourage you to send the link to everyone you know who might be interested in earning some extra income. Simply copy and paste the information below into an email and send it on. The webinar link changes every week, so be sure to copy from the latest Buzz every time.

Title: Earn with Miche!
Date: Thursday, June 20, 2013
Time: 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM Mountain Time (5 Pacific/ 7 Central/ 8 Eastern)

Register Now
Space is limited

Earn with MicheStart with Style

Tuesday, June 25 at 6 PM Mountain Time

New to Miche? Welcome! Join us for the Start with Style call/webinar. Discover the key activities that will help you build your Party schedule and get your business off to a successful start.

Title: Start with Style
Date: Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Time: 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM Mountain Time (5 Pacific/ 7 Central/ 8 Eastern)

Space is limited

Watch for complete information in next Monday’s webinar reminder email

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Dress up like it's 1920

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If you have been receiving emails from any of the following “fake” customers, do not reply!

Sandra Dickson. Maria Cindy. April Cuffy. Tracey Bell

Protect yourself—read more about it NOW in Miche News

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Make it a Miche Week, Everyone!

Lori Dickman, WI
Betty Long, WV
Carolyn Sariego, WA
Janet Allen, MA
Jennifer Tate, WA
Merry Dennison, FL
Shannon Aulick, KY
Susi Engl, NV
Tammie Ingram-Grim, CA
Barbara Warner, FL
Becky Barney, OH
Beverley Perdue, TN
Callie Servey, ID
Christy Melton, WA
Connie Walls, CA
Diane Williams, VT
Elaine Gardner, OR
Erica Butler, CA
Heather Brewer, NC
Jeri Kuzma, OH
Jill Santos, CA
Joette Zochowski, MI
Joyce Harriman, CA
Jyl Purington, WA
Katherine & Vincent Rundgren, FL
Kim Minnehan, KY
Linda Carlson, WA
Linda Clary, PA
Linda Kistler, KY
Lisa Hale, WA
Lorraine Bagwell, NV
Luann Matlick, IL
Mara Biggs, NC
Marcia Landon, VT
Marie DiMare, MA
Marlene Rauwolf, CA
Mary Coons, WA
Mary Emilie Steinacker, NJ
Merry Closson, OH
Monica Ramos, CA
Pam Martin, TN
Pam Wilfing, IN
Pat Thompson, AZ
Patty White, CA
Rebecca Olivas, CA
Rhonda Evans, FL
Robin Loy, NC
Rosetta Lee, TX
Phil Bowlin & Scott Lilli, OH
Shannon Tegge, WA
Shawn Nevin, OR
Stephanie Fernandez, CO
Tammy Carr, WV
Tammy & Jay Williams, NC
Vicki Schneider, ID

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  • To access your Business Center directly, just go to bc.miche.com and log in. You can also access the Business Center from your PWS.
  • Please check the Current Product List document in Miche News prior to placing an order or heading to a Party.
  • If you have questions, you are always welcome to submit a ticket from your Business Center or call Field Services Monday: Friday 7 AM–7 PM Mountain Time at 877.716.4243, option 4.
  • Please allow two (2) business days for fulfillment of all orders. Note that choosing expedited shipping does not decrease this two business day fulfillment period or guarantee Saturday delivery.

Miche Representatives who, to our knowledge, are not in compliance with Miche's
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